Top 7 reasons to use credit cards

Credit cards are considered as a bad thing in the society. Most of the people abuse credit card facility but it is useful but only when it is using a right way. Before abusing you should know all the details about credit cards. It helps us to provide capital when in need. It is made for emergency times only not for normal daily use.


Here are 7 reasons which explain the reasons for using it. Those reasons are:

  • Bonuses

Many types of credit cards are available in the community. When you choose the good repudiated credit card, then it will surely give you sign up bonuses. Other cards welcome the consumers, and it may be they can give a small amount of reward. Credit cards provide you with bonuses during sign up.

  • Rewards and points

Credit cards give you many rewards and points also for using it. The options they give to us are never-ending.

  • Cash back

This concept is very popular in the US; it is very easy to understand. They give refund you 1% or 2% cash back after using it.

  • Security

When another person uses your debit card, then the balance will cut from your account. Credit cards help to reduce the fraud. When you net with fraud, then you can call the company, and you don’t need to pay it.

  • Time limit

While making payment from the debit card, the money will drive from your account instantly. On the other side, when you use a credit card, the company will give you some time to redeem the amount.

  • Insurance

Credit cards are made to use by the consumers. It automatically comes with the comfort level of satisfaction. By this people don’t think that they are having a rental thing or anything. It comes with the protection of the consumers.

  • Universal acceptance

It is possible to forget your cash and credit cards will help you your debit card will not accept then you can use your anywhere you want. At some particular places, it may be possible that credit card because it is taken everywhere.


Hope you understood that why it is must carry credit card by reading the above information. No one gives money to anyone even to their loved ones also. Credit cards give you the facility of funding with the time period to redeem it also. So you should carry a credit with you and take the best usage of it.